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Stay Away Tonight

Espen Lind

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Full speed down the motorway
On my second day
But i'm not going back
Nothing's gonna make me turn around tonight

Not sure what i'm running from
Where i'm going to
Or what i'm going to do
To get away, to get away
Don't wanna meet you tonight

When i see you baby, it gets me down so bad
I think about you all day, and everything that we had
I can't forget you baby, but god knows i have tried
So please go easy on me, and stay away tonight

Could've sworn that i heard your voice
Cutting through the noise
On my car stereo
Could be i'm just about to lose my mind

You said "nothing stays the same
Because people change
We all keep moving on"
But i'd give it all, i'd give it all
To travel back in time


Ain't nothing gonna change it
Ain't no one gonna make it right
I lose it when i see you baby
Stay away tonight


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