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It Blows My Mind

Lloyd Banks

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Banks bout to bubble like crushed grapes, i don't give a fuck
Wait but bring me my cut laid in his duck tape
My heart's colder than upstate
So i ain't got time for relationships gimme a slut date
I'm far from sweet but can't get enough cake
Nigga i'll put you on your ass like tough breaks
Bitch you'd be rich if you could spend babies
I disrespect niggas call men ladies
Where i'm from the gun sound like m-80's
Timbs all year black brown and gravy
Banks got a gun that'll back down the navy
So if you owe me, could smack down and pay me
I'm honest it ain't no lies
Nigga i don't even eat in restaurants if it ain't no fries
I throw combos 6 4's and 5's
Don't put your hand out if it ain't 4 or 5
These rap niggas following me like tour guides
Talk gangsta like they got more lives
I pound out pussy leave em with sore thighs
Nigga i been fucking with tits before eyes
You might see me in the shit the store hides
I don't care i'll punch niggas with 4 eyes
Every bar takes away a lil more pride
I got something for big small and tall guys
We might pull up in big small or tall rides
We might pull up and put a bullet in your ride
Niggas want it with banks even the horse tried
I put something in your gut through your door slide
Fuck a tux i never fall in love with dem clothes
I'm ghetto Timbalands bubble gum soles
I dun seen girls turn to double dumb hoes
Then they get pregnant anotha one grows
Haters must want to see a brother gun blow
Get at me the kid with the numba one flow
If it's more than one hoe sit back and blow me
And argue over my balls like shaq and kobe
Ya'll know me relax twist back the droey
Yac and moey fuck around and jack ya roley
Ya'll don't want problems so ya give me that to show me
Nothing but cop levels running round with axe a foley
Ya'll ain't got no aim bunch of sloppy sprayers
Hitting up the wall more than hockey players
Niggas thought i was sweet but jock me later
Get your own shit why you wanna copy hater
I'm a big dog you puppy chow
Hoes wanna fuck me now
Cus they hear my name like the puffy trial
That nigga got a bad temper plus he foul
Blowing dro hand picked from a pluffy spile

Colaboración y revision:
  • Luciana Silva

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