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5 And Better

Lloyd Banks

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

[Starts off with the beat of Hell Rell's: "Get Ready".]

"5 AND BETTER"! [kids ovation]

[Intro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
I don't know what the fuck's going on...
Yeeeeaaah! [echoes] [shot] {"PLK"! }
Uh, uh!
It's the "PLK" nigga!
Remember me?
Niggas is cut niggas... {CAN'T FORGET... }
This is all of a sudden niggas got enemies! {JESSIE! }
Check me!

I keep something bad I'm supposed ta
Hopping out with loafers on your chicks 44'' inch hips - hold a toaster for him! (ugh!)
My G-ways got a chocha warming
You spend your days on a sofa - I'm car jet boating on him. (errrrr!)
I roll pleanty deep (deep!)
You get drunk let the Henny speak - I get jumped I let the Semi leak! (waoh!) [gunshot] {DAMN}
Yup, I am very cheap (uh!) but I stay fly every week (uh-huh!)
Get high every day, marijuana heavy weight.
Nigga I stunt! Sniiiiiiiiifff, Phooooooooo! [police sirens]
I ain't no bit{ch}, I took a hit of the blunt! (hahh!) [police sirens]
You know the - bigger the inside the bigger the trunk [police sirens]
The bigger than problem and bigger the pump. - Get slumped, you chump! [gunshot] {DAMN! }
We don't mix! - You'll shrink to a soldier. (ugh!)
Like oil and vinegar! - Or Batman and Joker!
My .9 will poke ya - poke ya head out ya pops
I pop in and out the bank - my bread out the box. (uh!) {Whooooooo! }
I show up late - 80-thousand dollar watch
You a hater join the club shit can line around the block.
I need houses by the dock and a Bentley that flip flop {SHADYVILLE! }
You knew I was a rapper when you met me. - Bitch stop!
I'll expose you! - Blow everything up! - Tick-tock
Do you niggas like G-money did to Chris Rock. (uh!) [screm]
I show up in the Martin make your bitch lip drop
Light the whole fucking park up outta my zip lock.
When I zip off - young fly thing tuggin' my zippa (yeah!)
The stars come out the night but I'm the big dippa.
100 bill tippa! (yeah!) - Real nigga a steal grippa! (ugh!)
He'll lift her... (yeah!) - I'll lift your spirit out your body. (whoo!)
I'll be prob'ly shotty - every color cardi
Mazaradi all do Cardi, Boo Garde you step lobby, (ooooooooaaaaaaooooohhhhhh!)
You snotty El Touro Garde with the punch,
Let them fly; hear the crunch! - Bring 'em all out they be my lunch! (yeah-he!)
I buy thousand dollar shoes wear them once,
I FRONTS! - I came a long way from sharing blunts,
I'm smart! - But that don't mean to look at me for the answers. (uh-uh!)
If he can't wipe his own ass leave him in pampers. (haaahhhh!)
These niggas ain't good rappers, they're good dancers! (yeeah-eeeeh!)
And shoulda known you can't learn on campus. (NAH!)
Answers for bulletholes chances for strip poles (ugh!)
Chicks keep their lips closed (ugh!) on anywhere the dick goes. (YEAH!)
I'm a walking compliment; you don't get those
All my niggas schitzo, so tuck it if your shit froze!
Now watch how I switch flows (watch!)
I bag your girly make her tip toe all in and out the whip low for dick bro. (whooo!)
I ain't cuffing a chick though! - I'm here and there, air in square
Millionaire up in the lair - money to the ceiling. (yeah-eh!)
Yea-eah! - Until the day I return
I'm leavin' you with "Anotha 50" - enemies burn! [gunshot]

Colaboración y revision:
  • Caroline Konishi

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