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Never Enough

Lloyd Banks

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

[LLoyd Banks:]
We gripped up nigga
Ain't no slippin over here

Never have I ever will
You ever see another cold hearted
Muthafucker watch me as I make them suffer
Now watch me as I make them supper they bullets ain't stop me
They made me tougher built harder than rocky I
Ain't no sucker, sucker fake clowns up in my face now
With fake smiles they diss you when you ain't round they
Pom poms are hay now it's strong arms and shake downs cause they
Ain't got no spine theyr out they mind why you think I don't fuck with
Them they blind I'm twenty twenty get with that
Funny money don't get back to lucky charms for you die
Over something fake fucking dummy dum dums for them bums I come
From where everybody want some and niggas that's weak end up a sons son
And we don't run from nothing but 911 ate the fuck up outa wolves or
Become one I'm soured up and hammered down I'm the mo'fuckan
Man of town and I ain't swam with no body cause back then you swam you
You drownd they got me on the camera now everybodies
My family now wow a bunch of money sucking leaches out for
Hammy downs my older molers candy now
I pop up and they stand around I'm hydraulic system up
We always got a squary round married women fear me now I jeapordize
Theyr married vows I switch cars every day so that
I'm never bad with miles I got styles and skin thicker
Than crocadiles I'll bounty off ya bitch ass 3o thow in my pocket now
Big money small money all money all the money in the
World ain't enough ma more money, big money small money all money
All the money in th world ain't enough ma more money Dummy!

[LLoyd Banks:]
That's it
2g's up unit

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