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Dixie Storms

Maria McKee

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I received a letter like so many others
Mama said "How's life in the city, my your sister's grown
And you've just missed those awful Dixie Storms
Thank God they've passed, those dreadful Dixie Storms"

I left so long ago I've forgotten just what for
Except when a big city beckons you have no choice but to go
And here, there are no Dixie Storms

And the smoke on the street makes me wonder why I stay away
From those gentle Dixie Storms

When I was younger how I did wonder
What made the sweet Georgia rain make me feel so warm
And how God made a Dixie Storm
And how I loved those Dixie Storms
And the rumble in the sky brings a shudder to my soul
Oh how I love those Dixie Storms

Composición de Maria McKee
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Michelle Oliveira

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