Cifra Club

Scoundrels Like You

Marion Raven

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Don’t change a winning team
That was your last advice
But I’m such a stubborn child
So I changed it twice

Once for your crooked smile
Once for your absence kiss
Once for our single night
And then I wrote you this

There’s nothing that a girl won’t do
Heartbroken and a blurry view
Scoundrels like you
Scoundrels like you
There’s one of you in every town
Take some time they’ll come around
Scoundrels like you
Scoundrels like you hiding everywhere

You pat me on the head
Always worked out before
But I’m not the quiet kind
So I slammed the door

Once for my peace of mind
Once for my happiness
Oh, once just for making noise
So I told you this

Hiding everything
They’ll finally come around
And there’s nothing, nothing, nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing

Hiding everywhere

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