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Song For Remembered Heroes

Nanci Griffith

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Well, it's that old time story of a new face to glory,
Someone wanted my soul for their pride
What about the system of fools arranged for missing,
Well, I can't lie, they all pass with time.

Why do my people come and go?
I keep on leaving them behind, and Lord I miss them so
I've watched my heroes change from silver into gold
As the time goes, only memories grow.

It's your smile that I remember, the dreams of the young and tender
Coming real, but now it seems
That highways are for foolish travelers, always bonded, always shackled
By the prayer that they're remembered in our dreams.

I am just a barroom child, tried so damn hard to learn the style
Of your drunken tears, the way they smile
I guess I'll never learn the rules, I still play the simple fool
Who loves without the chains of lies.

As the time goes, only memories grow.

Composición de Nanci Griffith
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Diego Ritter

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