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Nanci Griffith

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I look out on these shields of heather
Across the countryside
I wonder how they've grown together
While people live such separate lives
I think I'll stay inside for the winter
Cuz the weather's in my bones
And this wind could shatter bone to splinter
Then howl me back home

I'm fragile as the lady of the harbor
As fragile as her torch that glows
As fragile as these gulf stream waters
To the Texas coast to the Texas coast

I stared up athe faces in the mountain
Just a year ago
Laughin' in the spirit of America
And singin' in the snow
Now I wish I felt as strong as that mountain
Just carved in stone
I wish I was the gulf stream water
And I could sail you home

I would give you all that's in me
Though part of me is gone
If I could have that day upon the mountain
For the snow and the song
But here's to love and all that it changes
When you're alone out in that storm
If I'd had a shield of heather
I'd have never loved at all

I would sail you home
To your Texas coast
I would sail you home
To the Texas coast

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