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Nowhere I Am


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Never to be
Another life another time
Doesn’t matter where you put me
We’re where we have to be

No one’s penetrating
You let the guards off early
Maybe just one of my schemes
Will infect your way of thinking

No one’s gonna scale your wall
No one’s gonna scare us off
I hope I can see
In the nowhere I am
In the nowhere I am

You can help remind me
Of all things I’ve wished for
All the visions I see
And the ones I’m clouding

All the ground I’m standing
The wrongs correcting
I hope it’s some version of me
In the nowhere I am

May weather St. Germain
Now all the brakes are all being slammed
Then why’m I still skidding
It could always be so much worse

We move without knowing why
In the nowhere I am

Composición de Josh Klinghoffer
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Pedro Kling

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