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We all wanna be seen that's who you are obscene we've
Gone too far
It's not enough just be where you are
You need to know that we know that you are
It's not gonna mean anything until someone
Intervenes with who you are
Angels devils we're all in the same playing field
Level not in this game
Different levels
I will leave you alone when you stop harassing me
You attack with a phone
Cause we're all allowing
Here is nothing to see

On that?
What's called obscene
Isn't half as bad as the fact that it's being seen as advertise
Please don't leave
I haven't got to see who you are
Anger a stance who are you hurting
Would it kill you to do the dance
How you know you should and you should
Just move to the music
How do you always love being lost ashore?
You got so many places to be
Cause you hate where you are
Sore eye sight to see

Is it a dream after all
I see your everything
I want to raise your bar

Composición de Josh Klinghoffer/Pluralone
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Gabriel Alves

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