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Do I have to listen to this now
You're ruining another one
Peeled back layers found
There might not be anything there
I don't see much but a crook
Might have to learn the hard way
I told you before our first dance
Bailliff take him away

The people with their razor blades
Vampires feeding
And the ones who think Jesus saves
Go on let 'em
No I'm not hurting anyone
But you're not hurting either

I don't feel well
I don't feel well

Back in your protective shell
More like a child down a well
Trap you can't help falling down
At a loss, you well up, tear down, you're fallen

It's all on a parade
The daredevil raids
Coming to get ya

I don't feel well
I don't feel well
Shouldn't be such a hard sell
But I don't feel well
Should we just leave well enough alone
Just want to feel well
How the mighty fell
I don't feel well

Composición de Josh Klinghoffer
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Pedro Kling

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