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A Bit Lost

Sonata Arctica

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Do you wanna go back in time?
Do you wish a beer or wine?
Is there a mountain you wanna climb?
You want the best but you don't have a dime

you are a bit lost
you let me by you
I get there in time
I'm your man if you need a ride

Even nothing as you knew is full
I say now that is cruel
I only see the good in you
come here I guess I love you too

Damn life ain't fair, you "grow an army"
When you step off the train
And leave me standing there

"With this hearing I will be well"
you break down, you will burn
hear the starling lullaby
lullaby o' my, o' my

Ever since you ran away
I have been ......
I didn't shave today
I can not let you see me this way

Now I'm a bit lost
Son't hear about me
Right before my eyes
You start makin' a bad boy out of me

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