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Friends Forever


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Remember when we used to talk all night
we didn't get much sleep
talkin love and plannin out our lives
and who we're goin to be
things were so much different then
and life has changed so much my friend
but you and I we'll always believe

cuz we'll be you'll see
we'll be we'll be friends forever
we'll be you'll see we'll be like thelma and louise
we'll be (yea yea) you'll see (uh-huh)
we'll be friends forever (friends forever) (friends forever)

i know that hes been hurting you
i've known for awhile
now you've found love in someone new
i can see it in your smile
i swear your secrets safe with me i'll tell nobody what i'veseen
what you need is perfect trust in me


we all need someone we can trust
afriend of our own
i swear your secrets safe with me

together forever you can depend
(you can depend)
together we will fight til the end
ooooooooh yea

repeat *chorus*

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