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A Billion Ernies

Aún no tenemos el cifrado de esta canción.

It's just the wheelhouse can't you see,

The TWH doesn't make it worth, the money

A glorified rink for skating

It's really absurd, it is
nothing big

Wayne, get those goons away
from me

I got a wristband

Wayne, he'll make you wait in
the rain

Why Wayne, why do you make me
wait, in the rain

The competition is t half the

Take it from me this is, good advice

Humble yourself though it's not your style

Then maybe your place would be, worth the while (chorus)

New wax floor, three years ago

Pay only ten bucks,

for a cheap local show

With a sound system made to bust eardrums

You'll be the square, if you can't come


Wayne, the king of his domain

The lion to the his African plain

Wayne, all ya'll look the same

Wayne, with the goon train

Ain't got no brains

Wayne: Administer of pain

Don't mess with him

You might get slain

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Colaboración y revisión:
  • Laura Freitas
  • Bruno Torres

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