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Yuh Waan Buss


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U waan bus, head wi bus like a jelly fi bus
U have a rifle and u head swelly fi bus dont
Mi nah fi role wid elly fi bus
A straight radio play and tele fi us

[verse 1]
Bwoy u f*ck man nu watch mi dark glass and mi screw face
Mi nuh don mi nuh know if man have cool face
Shot fly through head blood flash pon kid shoe lace
Like judgement yard have rifle inna suitcase
Second u call mi name first u call me name
First u call excitement
Worst the intrateck strike dem second best
Trigger press strike den copper u chest like den
Delano up a rennaisaince foot step hype den
Dem youth yah hype who yah talk
Busy and supa hype run up pon dem bloodclat
Ends wid a scoota bike
After the shoota snipe ends look bloody and mucky
Like a slaughter house with a group a tripe
Which part u a talk nuh renaissance up a wellington
Wid which gun yu a walk di a.k fava skelenton
Wus mi link the muslims weh selling bombs
Ele shout out why me lord wid busy,ele an

Shot a go fire bwoy from u see di chrome
A nuh cellular shot bus ears like busy tone
Exit headback fly through quiz silicone
Teflon fi di clone wi nuh fire bingi stone no

[verse 2]
Gangbang live pon di shoot and nah miss road
After we ninja kid caan draw di sword
Glock 90 mack90 wid di varnish board
Ready fi war inna di comaflouge army suit
I like to say dat a informish code
Fi informer got di glock with di varnish board
Shot bus rass big nose
Mi gun nuh flass wid close
Dung a madden weh u lan and u di rass fridge froze
U love talk squeeze off lip and dun j.o.p we squeeze lip pon grung
U get with drive by like when car hit an run
Shot spin u like when cornmeal mix and tun
Bom bom no listen fi di third clap bom
Marrow inna di sky like it deh pon a bird back
Unheard that full a tuff word chat
Dem say di ends lock dat mean say di rass world lock.


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Otros videos de esta canción
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