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Face That I Once Knew

Andru Donalds

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Tried to see the face
That I once knew
The two of us so far apart
Sometimes I think that we were through
Thought I knew you
The very first time though I'd lost you
The second time around I'd try to see
The face that I once knew

*The face that I once
The face that I once
The face that I once
The face that I once knew


You used to be my one temptation
And all I wanted was you
Deception seemed to be a game of pain
Should I realize on the very first time
If all of your promises were all just lies?
Trying to see the face that I once knew

*Repeat with ad lib

Rumors could never deceive you
In your mind you think and wonder why
It's burning desire you're talking to
Telling you you're paying the price
For falling, falling in love

*Repeat with ad lib

Watch my face

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