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Walk My Way

Australian Crawl

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Tell me why-
You've been messin round with other guys
Tell me who-
Who's been side stepping next to you
Tell me how-
He's been chaperoning you now
Tell me when-
We can be like it was then

Tell me what you need
Tell me whatcha
Tell me what it takes to get atcha
Tell me what I need
So you'll go walking my way

Well, I don't know-
What it was I did that hurt you so
I can't believe-
All this heart burn I can't concieve
Don't undertsand-
All I long for is to hold your hand
Don't realise-
I miss the magic that's in your eyes

I wanna see-
What it is that has set you free
I wanna hear-
Your ruby lips call me dear
I wanna taste-
Your sweet kisses, they're going to waste
I wanna touch-
Your b-body I love you so much

Composición de Brad Robinson/James Reyne
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Gian Ciavatta

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