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Setting Things Right Again

Behind Enemy Lines

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I am George W. Bush and you best not cross my path
Because now I have the backing and you're going to feel my wrath
The Christian right adore me because I swore to carry out god's will
Can you believe that they're my strongest support considering how I love to kill?
They can live with murder on death row but not Roe vs. Wade
So I promised them if they got me elected some changes would be made
So now those irresponsible teenagers will be forced to have a kid
It makes no difference to me I don't sleep around like Clinton did
Are we now to regress back to the Reagan years, the ruling elite's wet dream?
Where capital punishment is viewed as civilized but art and music as obscene
Claiming that they're for less government rule in livelihood as they set the stage
To tip the scales in the companies favor, freeze the minimum wage
Fight to reinstate prayer in public schools and make the christians proud
Appoint Supreme Court justices who will insure that abortion is disallowed
Cutting all of the medical coverage for those inflicted with A.I.D.S.
And push the gays back in the closet in hopes that their movement fades
I can't relate to homosexuals so I'll keep same sex marriages banned
In fact the only dick I like is my second in command
You may remember Mr. Cheeney he was one of my daddy's peers
And he'll really be an asset if he can live for four more years
He's a veteran of the trenches so I put him on my team
Because it's time to bring back all the tactics of the Reagan-Bush regime
With Jeb's help I stole the election and brought the liberal era to an end
And although the left-wing will not like it I'm going to set things right again
They initiate absurdity that to them makes perfect sense
Cut out every social program and simultaneously build up our defense
That they'll mostly use for internal conflict, like when the activists 'attack'
And the provoked protectors of the law have no choice but to fight back
When assessing what the problem is their lack of judgment never fails
And the only answer that they have is to build more jails
Every time the standard of living drops and a rise in crime ensues
They never attribute it to survival but a lack of family values
I'm here to restore dignity to the Whitehouse once again
And I can't do that in reality so I'll guess I'll just pretend
It's no big shock that I'll starve the poor and cater to those with wealth
In fact the only thing that may surprise you is that I manage to dress myself
I am definitely not the brightest man my brain is pretty lame
The only reason I made it this far is that I have my daddy's name
But as long as I'm your president you better learn to pray
It could only happen in America , god bless the USA

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