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Thats How Country Boys Roll

Billy Currington

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
(intro) D  A  D
(lick shown at bottom)

(verse 1)
 D                                                        A
They wake up in the morning and they drink their coffee black
They love their woman one beat shy of a heart attack
On the way to work they might stop by a fishin’ hole
That’s how country boys roll
Yeah, they work, work, work, all week 'til the job gets done
Weekends they bar-b-que and have a cold one
They run on a big ol’ heart and a pinch of Skoal
That’s how country boys roll

                G                     D                    A
Yeah, they’re spinnin’ their wheels, Castin’ their reels, Way back on them ol’
        D      G                D                         A
county roads, Singin’ in bars, Soupin their cars just to see how fast they’ll go
        G                      D                       Bm          A        G
From a ball and glove to them fallin’ in love, They do everything heart and soul
        D          A     D
That’s how country boys roll

(verse 2)
D                                                           A
Well if you don’t know your way around, They’ll draw you a map
And if you’re broke and you ask, They’ll give you the shirt off their back
All they need is a little gas, A few dollars to fold
That’s how country boys roll


(lead break) G  D  A  D  G  D  A

        G                      D                       Bm          A        G
Yeah they’re cryin’ aloud, Humble and proud, They love momma and Jesus and Jones
  D         A            D               G      D         A N/C        D
That’s how country boys roll, Don’t you know, That’s how country boys roll.

     D D  A A  D D
Composición de Billy Currington / Brett Jones
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