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Last Years Leaves


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Last years leaves
Were dirty lies
One by one tha came undone
And blew away when they died

Last years leaves
Were just bad dreams
Open up your eyes
There's no surprise
Just a barren tree

Low and behold
All those lies were true
Hear them ring everything
People said abouth you

I thought i heard the falling rain
It always seems to numb the pain
Or was that sound the poplar leaves
Screaminha in the evening breeze?

Last years leaves
Pathetic schemes
A trusted friend till the end
Or so it seemesd

You gave your wold
Looked me in the eye
Tell me how on earth
Are you worth
The tears i've cried?

I thought i heard the fallinf rain
It aways seems to numb the pain
Or was that sound the poplar leaves
Schreaming in the evening breeze
Like last years leaves
You're last years leaves

Without clouds
You can't have rain
Take away the sun
When the shadows are done
Will you be ashamed?
Heavens to betsy
I'll be a son of a gun
Lord have mercy
Nobody has won

Composição de Dan John Miller
Colaboración y revision:
  • Carla Pereira

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