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Take a look at the world through mr white bob's eyes,
You need to recognise, you better recognise!
That i'm a gangster... to the highest degree,
And i challenge any motherfucker who should disagree

You better show me some respect and that i'm serious about,
Even if you bigger than me, i'll straight up knock you out
Cause i take no bullshit from any son of a bitch,
Been droppin hit records since grandma don't be a snitch

And i'm takin over the rap game, you best believe it's true,
To all my fuckin' critics, i take a shit on you
Cause that's what i do cause, i prove all the doubters wrong,
I may be a skinny honkie, but that don't mean i'm not strong!

And i'm a gangster! yes i'm a gangster! motherfuckers everywhere,
I'm a gangster! said i'm a gangster! yes i'm a gangster! you best
Believe it motherfuckers i'm a gangster! yes i'm a gangster! said
I'm a gangster! keep runnin' when you see me comin' cause i'm a
Gangster! yes i'm a gangster, said i'm a gangster! uh-huh uh-huh
Oh yeah! come on!

Now there once was a time when i was what you call a bit soft,
Till someone fucked with me and got me right pissed off
Now if you wanna step to me, you'll need a bulletproof vest,
Cause my honkie who lives round the corner keeps a machine gun on
His desk

And we will fuck you up, you best believe the words i says,
I'll pop a cap so far up your arse you won't be able to shit for days
See i'm just the type of chap who can handle his business,
And i've recently discovered most psychotic tendencies

So find some other geezer that you wanna annoy,
Cause i wanna kill, kill, kill... yeah i wanna destroy!
Just think yourself lucky you've the option to choose,
Cause my lifes already fucked, i've got nothing to lose

Cause i'm a gangster! yes i'm a gangster! you best believe it
Motherfuckers i'm a gangster! said i'm a gangster, yes i'm a
Gangster, keep runnin' when you see me comin' cause i'm a gangster

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