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Sunday School And Cigarettes (Slippin' Away)

Bree Sharp

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I've been lost in way-back-when, in clothes I'll never wear again
Pony-tails and paper planes and climbing up the tall trees
Thinking back to hide-and-seek, everyday seemed like a week
Sunday school and cigarettes and kissing at the movies
And it's hard cause I really thought that time was moving slowly
But I found out it was only
Slippin' away

One day I found myself with you, saw all my girlhood dreams come true
Still, there're other dreams and nothing lasts forever
I put braids into my hair, but you don't seem to see them there
And in your mind, I think, you're off to California
And it's hard cause I really thought that I was in your vision
Starry eyes, I see that you've been
Slippin' away

We are water, we are the sand the wind blows on
Before we're here, we are gone
gone, gone

So it turns in simple ways, now the weeks go by like days
Where's that little girl? She's gone and so forgotten
And it's strange cause I truly thought that change was nowhere near me
And all the time I was really
Slippin' away

Composición de Bree Sharp/Don DiLego
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Roger moreira

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