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Taking The Queen

Bruce Dickinson

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Who stole your heartbeat in the night?
The acolytes fearful in the flickering light
They hold a mirror, to catch the breath from your mouth
But your breath was stolen, by the wind from the south

Another winter's take is done, your immortal lover — he's gone
The chalice stolen from her hand, eternal life at her command
Now all that she rules, must sleep

The howling shriek of death in your eyes
The hawklord and the beast, enter your room
The gold will turn to rust
Your empire follows you, into your tomb
The wraiths of night caress
And whisper softly now: We are the dead
They bear your life away, they tear your heart in two
They've taken the queen

To some better place, so they think, as the flame burns low

Now the flame burns higher and it purifies the love that died
A stone rolls closed on a life
Back to the earth, sealing the tomb

Our skeletons rise through the veil of blood
Who summons us now from our graves?
We are the dead
The shriek of death in your eyes, the hawklord and the beast
Enter your room
The wraiths of night caress, and whisper softly now
We are the dead
They bear your life away, they've torn your heart in two
They've taken the queen

Composición de Bruce Dickinson/Roy Z
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Rilderson Pedroza
  • Flavius Silva

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