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Repeating Madness


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Repeatadly those words are revolving
Maybee from the depths of a mental deranged mind
Try to make them disappear but still it`s engulving
From now I won`t be myself again

Still that inciting...Pushing me to insanity

Overexcited cause the power
Taking control over human life
Wrought up by the charge of life and of death

This time I have to complete
This time I will make my move
Your pain will be my satisfaction
In death I find pleasure

Machinelike I stab and beat you
Until your body will be shred into rags
Your tearfilled eyes and carved up chest...
Turned me on satisfied my hunger

At night I hear their orders
Suddenly a feeling of great enlightment
Coming from my hateful sinister masters
Guiding me to my life mission
Purification through pain it will be
They will pay for crossing my path

I come as your friend
When you turn your back on me
The sharpened knife will end all life

Your eyes are pale and full of pain
My eyes are shining with excitement


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Otros videos de esta canción
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  • Eduardo Gross
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