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Put a Bird Up


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[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
In Hawaii at the Luau mang
Honolulu, boo boo, we do our thang
Do your thang, uh huh, true I slang
African diamonds, Luol Deng
You never seen profit? My whole team got it
Blue jeans, red trim, green pockets
Black broad, black card, black wallet
Grey Boots, sweat suit, I'm that brolic
Caesar top, getting diva top
Been around the world but I can't leave the block
Click nine, slick rhymes, the chick fine
Don't like me, but stand in WIC line
Look good so I hit her with a quick line
"Take my watch, hit me up when you get time"
Some sniff dimes, some pitch dimes
Get yours cause I'm a get mine

[Hook: Vado]
Ayyo I be a fly homie, 550 drive homie
See you waiting at the bus stop; need a ride, homie?
Now I walk around with that 3 to 5 homie
Once I cut the middleman went from 3 to 5, homie!
Roll that herb up, got it? put a bird up
Pretty with a firm butt, I Blackberry Curved her

[Verse 2: Vado]
I ain't no superhero but I'm coming to save y'all
Pray that it's safe y'all
Fly with no cape on
Driving with Drake on
Keep a sportscar like Akon
All-black: blowing chicks' minds like napalm
All that. Wait til my man home (GUDDA!)
Saying my name wrong
Vado, I came strong
Hate that I ain't on
As they wait on (YES!)
Like Trey Songz, "Success" my fav song
Ball like Rajon, The course is way long
Boss don't make wrongs
We talk and shake, uh
Porsche got State Farm
Straight thong, you don't want it
Keep eating, like it's a tapeworm in my stomach
More ass than Slay mags
Poppin' Hermes tags
Coppin' Rosé mags
Gloves and the facemask
Duck fast when Jake pass
E class, triple grey with red brakepads


[Verse 3: Vado]
Hang him from a chopper like Sosa
Say "Hi" to V? No sir
Proppin' the sofa, the block on my shoulders
Approach us? It won't happen, we soldiers
La Cosa Nostra, leaves of the coca
Please, you so butt
I squeeze, you froze up, LVs is low cut
You teasin? So what?
My team just drove up
K, you authentic but see we pro-cuts in 4+

The jewelry I play ring around the rosie with it
New S-Class; damn, I look cozy in it
No picture, but yeah, a nigga pose in it
No blinkers, chest, put a whole in it
Look at ma's feet, look at ma's thighs
And her face too... double D her bra size
She's steak fries
Sweet as egg pies
Make cake rise, up in my fav five


Composición de Abraham Orellana/Cameron Giles/Teeyon Winfree
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Guilherme

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