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Crazy For Your Love

Charles Bradley

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You know, I been all around the world
And lookin' for love, uh
And all the time it was right here
Right by my side

I try so hard to give you all the love you need
You turn your head, darlin', and did just what you please
I'm crazy, crazy, I'm crazy for your love
I try so hard
To trust you with my heart
But you just
Tear it apart, baby
And over, over
Over again

I'm crazy
Oh, baby
I'm crazy for your love
Why you wanna do me like this
And play with my heart

I try so hard to trust in your heart, baby
But sometime my heart skips a beat
I'm crazy
Oh, baby, I'm crazy for your love
Oh, baby
Why you wanna do me like this
Come on, baby
Don't make me go through these changes no more
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
No more
Don't let me, ooh, baby

I'm crazy, crazy for your love
Crazy for your love
I know, you know, I'm for you, baby
You know, I know, come on, baby
Love me all night long
Yeah, baby
Want me, need me, hug me, love me, baby
I'm crazy

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