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Hey London

Chiddy Bang

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

We finally made it, celebration in order, happy belated
This what you waitin' for, you know we make it raw
London city we love you, that's who we made it for

In my heart you will remain
Hope that this trip makes for picturesque change
And we on a jet mayne, platinum dreams gladly go
This that beatles feel, remember abbey road?
Show out with the words, what an antic?
And we got the wi-fi, virgin atlantic
Turbulence can't disrupt my pen
And i swear it's my time, say what up big ben
I'm a up this trend and live it up as a teen
To go to the palace to say "what up" to the queen
Hit up westwood, do interviews prolly take calls
University of cambridge, may ball
Get your ticket ready, it's chiddy bang in london
They can never bring me down i'm always up to somethin'
Contrary to your beliefs i'm still the same dude
Only difference is the pilot talkin' plane food

Hey london
I know you've prob'ly never seen me before,
And though i'd love to stay and kick it some more
I gotta get back on my tour
So the only thing i gotta say is
Hey london
You gotta know i love you for sure
Just let me in could you opened the door?
If i gotta get back on my tour
The only thing i gotta say is

And the boss is on
We head now say "what up" when we across the pond
Yeezy said jesus walks, my cross is on
Dream of a residence that's heaven-sent, to loft upon
Less serious raps, i'm what you call a clown
I'm the raft if ever your bridge fallin' down
Drive on opposite i take those roads, i play right
I'll prolly take her to shakespeare's globe
If the world get cold then we be numb to the reality
I break life into pieces, let's hit the gallery
My, you're platinum baby you're not sterling
Rollercoaster ride, london eye, merlin
From you they tried to block me like berlin
And this that silk flow i bring to you, persian
Uh, my jeans stitched like lilo
And by the way, meet me at heathrow


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