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I know i'm always wrong
She gets mad cause i'm always gone
She want me at a school but they prob'ly can't afford us
Plus i traded in my room for a tour bus
Ms. bulletproof, you're way cuter
And if you're bulletproof, can i be a shooter?
Yeah, this a red dot, i can make your bed rock
And hot teflon, save you from a headshot
Yeah, yeah, i just keep it candid
Man, you can't ever lose, kansas
And you are just a piece of my canvas
Now i'm tryin' to find you, atlantis
Let's just explore
Along these lines, let's contour
Magic shit, yeah, let's conjure
Cause it's show time for another encore

I'm a, i'm a shooter if she can be the one
I make her say hello make make make make her say hello hello hell
I'm a, i'm a shooter if she can be the one
I make her say hello to my gun

Rip this shit, spit that piff
This a free throw, no, i won't miss
And the guy's so lit, them haters gon' pull a tooth
And i'm a rocket launcher, ms. bulletproof
On track yeah you know i bring massacre
In the sheets, that's cardiovascular
But a shortie, and i know you ain't smashing her
And why the good stuff always seem bad for her?
Well, so swelly, i'm the best dawg
Flow ambient you get slept on
Try to dodge my bullets you need teflon
If a shortie mobil, then i let her get on exxon
She tellin' me that i'm gassed up
Just an opportunity she can't pass up
I'm young money make her bedrock
If she bulletproof i hit her with a headshot


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