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(Wish I Could) Hideaway

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: G
Gm             F
Howdy, friend, beggin' your pardon, 
C                          G
Is there somethin' on your mind? 
Gm                       F
You've gone and sold all your belongings, 
C                          G
Is that something in your eye? 
         Bm               C
Well, I know you really never 
           G             C
Liked the way it all goes down, 
Bm        D  G
Go on, hide...away. 
Gm                    F
What's that you say? We're all bound for the graveyard, 
C                 G
Oooh, I wish you well. 
Gm                     F
Think it's gonna rain, oh, what's the diff'rence, 
C                        G
Is there some way I can help? 
             Bm              C
'Cause you know, I'm gonna miss you 
              G      C
When you're gone, oh, Lord, 
Bm           D     G         G/F
Wish I could hide...away 
C     D   Em      Bm         C    Am
Hold on, give yourself a chance,        
I can hear the leavin' train.  
Gm               F
All aboard, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye 
C                G
Oh, I wish you well. 
Gm            F
See you soon, maybe tomorrow 
C               G
You can never tell 
             Bm               C
'Cause you know, I'm gonna miss you 
              G     C
When you're gone, ooh, 
Bm           D   G
Wish I could Hideaway 
     C      G            C       G
Hideaway, hideaway, hideaway, hideaway. 
 (C G)
Composição de John C. Fogerty
Colaboración y revision:
  • Ruarinho Santos
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