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Serenity (feat. Nicole Scherzinger)

David Garrett

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

When we find ourselves in changeable times
Everyday, there's one more mountain to climb
When you feel a drift like leaves on a breeze
Find a room in your heart, called serenity

If you find you are ever losing yourself
Your reflection appears to be somebody else
When the love that you seek is just out of reach
You will find it resides in serenity

When the best days of your life feel over too soon
Look over the horizon, behind the crescent moon
Out in the forever, beyond jupiter and mars
There's far more to the universe, than the brightest shining stars

All the restless and broken, washed on the shore
Feel ground beneath your feet, you are lost no more
You can rest assured you will never be alone, alone

If in joy and in love, never bow down to hate
Live in peace and health, for it's never too late
Look within and be free, from fear and you'll see that you'll find your way

That's when you will know you found a way to the sweetest serenity

Composição de David Garrett
Colaboración y revision:
  • Wesley Garcia

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