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Killing Smile

Death In Vegas

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You can spend your life behind my falling star
This life will meet you with a long killing smile
I got a time to spare
But you don't made it
I've got my mind in anyway
You can always shine behind my hidden dark
Just like a flame I move with you I couldn't tell I'm
Not the one who ever walks light
Don't have a feeling but I wanna waste my time
But you know I got to
And you know I want to with you
All the time
All the time
I'm feeling like I want to hang around
Don't have a leading any more to let it down
But you know I want to
With you
And you that I could
With you
All the the while I spend my time making
Now I know one's always what they say
But you know they should
And I know I want thatto change
And I know I want that
Now I know I want that

Composição de Dr. Subramaniam/Hope Sandoval
Colaboración y revision:
  • Camila
  • Erika Lina

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