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Bang, Bang Your Dead

Dirty Pretty Things

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: Bb
I presonnaly use barre chords throughout, however its not essentual n sounds 
good wiv out um 
verse 1 
F          A           Cm 
I knew all along i was right at the start 
A#                         A#m    F 
that the seeds of the weeds,      that grew in your heart 
F                 A                  Cm 
self satisfaction for the fashion to prone to tear us apart 
oh i gave you a misers touch 
as you turned round to scratched at my heart 
Cm    A                 Cm   A A# A 
Ooooh what did you expect 
Cm    A                        Cm  
Ooooh tell me what did you expect 
To lay it on my head 
so it was all upon my head 
F    A           Cm    A#        A# A G  F 
Bang Bang You're Dead, always so easily lead 
F    A           Cm    A#          A# A    G  F 
bang bang you're dead, put all the rumours to bed 
F    A           Cm      D 
bang bang you're dead  
verse 2 
F          A                Cm 
I knew all along that i was fooled to beleive 
A#                              A#m            F 
there was nothing but spite you realising the ???????? 
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Otros videos de esta canción
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