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To The Rescue

The Divine Comedy

Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tone: Bm
Gmaj7    320002
Emadd9/B x22002
F#m      244222
Bsus4    x24452
Bm       x24432
F#7      242322
D/F#     2x0232
Dmaj7    xx0222

Capo 2

[Verse 1]
Gmaj7         Asus4        A
      So many heartbreaks
F#m/A            Bsus4  Bm
      So little time
Emadd9/B         Asus4   A
      Too many tragedies
Dsus4          D/F#  Dmaj7
      Too many crimes
Gmaj7                  Asus4  A
      Put on your body armor
F#m/A                 Bsus4  Bm
      Prepare your alibis
Emadd9/B              Asus4     A
      Cause there is no one else
Dsus4              D/F#   Dmaj7
      Gonna put it right

[Chorus 1]
To the rescue
Asus4                A         F#m
Down the streets and alleyways
Bsus4            Bm           Emadd9
Past the Chinese takeaways
Asus4                A/G           F#m
Through the wind and driving rain
       F#7             Gmaj7
To the rescue   To the rescue
Asus4                A         F#m
When the world won't understand
Bsus4            Bm            Emadd9
Government's got other plans
Asus4         A/G              F#m
Take the law into your hands
To the rescue

[Verse 2]
Gmaj7            Asus4  A
      Got a vigilante
F#m/A                Bsus4  Bm
      Sleeping in my bed
Emadd9/B           Asus4  A
      I looked for Marilyn
Dsus4              D/F#    Dmaj7
      I got Che instead (Yes I did)
Gmaj7                  Asus4     A
      But I'll march behind you
F#m/A                  Bsus4  Bm
      Wherever you may go
Emadd9/B           Asus4        A
      And I'm more proud of you
Dsus4                     D/F#   Dmaj7
      Than you can ever know

[Chorus 2]
To the rescue
Asus4                A            F#m
Through the snow and freezing rain
Bsus4         Bm           Emadd9
Down deserted country lanes
Asus4                A/G           F#m
Round the world and back again
       F#7              Gmaj7
To the rescue    To the rescue
Asus4                A         F#m
Taking the forgotten ones
Bsus4              Bm             Emadd9
Big and small, the old and young
Asus4       A/G             F#m7
When nobody else will come
                   F#7         Gmaj7
You'll come to the rescue
To the rescue

Asus4   A   F#m   Bsus4  Bm  
Emadd9  Asus4 A/G F#m    F#7
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