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Coat Of Many Colors

Dolly Parton

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: D
     Back through the years I go wondering once again
     Back to the seasons of my/ youth
     I re/call a box of rags that someone gave us
     And how my mamma put these rags to/ use

     There were/ rags of many colours,and every piece was small
     And I didn't have a coat and it was/ way down in the fall
        D                    G7
     Mamma/ sewed the rags together,sewing/ every piece with love
            D                A
     She made my/ coat of many colours,that/ I was so proud of
     As she sewed she told the story from the bible she had read
     About a coat of many colours Joseph/ wore and then she said
        D                         G7
     Per/haps this coat will bring you, good/luck and happiness
     And I just could/n't wait to wear it
           A           D
     And mamma/ blessed it with a kiss
       G7                 D
     My. coat of many colours that/ my mamma made for me
     G7            D             A
     Made only from rags,but I/ wore it so proud/ly
         D               G7
     Al/though we had no money.oh I/ was rich as I could be
          D               A          D
     In my/ coat of many colours,my/ mamma made for me

     So with patches on my breaches and holes in both my shoes
     In my coat of many colours,I/ hurried off to school
            E                      A
     Just to/ find the others laughing and mak/in' fun of me
         E                B7         E
     In my/ coat of many colours,my/ mamma made for/ me

     Oh,I couldn't understand it,for I felt I was rich
     And I told them of the love my mamma/ sewed in ever stitch
          E                      A
     And I/ told them all the story ,mamma/ told me while she sewed
     And how my/ coat of many colours
     was worth/ more than all of their clothes

        A                   E
     They/ didn't under stand it and I/ tried to make them see
        A               E               B7
     That/ one is only poor only/ if they choose to be/
        E                    A
     Now I/ know we had no money,but I was as/ rich as I could be
          E               B7           E
     In my/ coat of many colours, my/ mamma made for me
      A             E
     Made just for me.....
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