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Chasing The Crown

Elton John

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Tono: F
Intro:  F    C    G   F    C   G 

          F    C     G                F   C         G
I built a wall - in China.  I sank an o   -   cean liner.
             Bb                  F                    G     C/G  G
I've wrecked homes, I've burned thrones, chasing the crown.
          F     C        G                F     C       G
I've put thorns in your feet.   I spread plague in the streets.
             Bb              F                 G        C/G - G
I've sprung traps, confused maps, chasing the crown.

                C7             F/C      C7
I'm chasing the crown till he bites the apple.
       F/C        C7           F/C       C7
I was licking my lips till the sun come down.
                 G      C/G                    G
I'm chasing the crown, crown, I'm chasing the crown.
              C7          F/C    C7
I'm taking a turn in the right direction,
         F/C         C7         F/C       C7
     by leaving his soul in the lost and found.
                 G      F                    C
I'm chasing the crown.      I'm chasing the crown.

           F    C       G                  F   C         G
I saw the tea float in Boston.  I saw the live     wire shock them.
            Bb                  F                  G     C/G - G
I made them float, I made them drown, chasing the crown.
           F  C       G                  F  C      G
I laid the de - sert sands.  I froze the po - lar caps.
                 Bb                   F                   G        C/G - G
Well, they'd dry out, and I'd shout "Hey I'm chasing the crown".


Outro: F  C  G  F  C  G  Bb  F  G  G 
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    Compositor: Bernie Taupin / Elton John Colaboración y revision:
    • lucas

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