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Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand

Elvis Presley

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: E
Standard tuning.
    Intro:  E  A  E
    ... mm, stepping through the sinking sand
           F#            B7
    To the cross of Calvary
    Mm, let it be my prayer, dear Lord, each day
               A             E
    To help me do the best I can
              A               E
    For there is no friend on whom I can depend
            B7     A       E
    Blessed Jesus, hold my hand.
    Blessed Jesus, hold my hand ...
               A               E
    Oh, yes, I need Thee every hour
    Through the this pilgrims land
       F#             B7
    Protect me by thy saving power
    Please, hear my feeble plea
             A                  E
    Oh, hoh, Lord, please, tell me
      A                  E
    I kneel in prayer, I try to meet you there
            B7     A       E     A       E
    Blessed Jesus, hold my hand, hold my hand.
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    Composição: Jörgen Elofsson

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