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Party In The Rain

Eve Robson

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Swizz Beatz- (um hum) woo oh, Swizz Beatz, E-V-E, Mashonda, Ryde Out !

[Verse 1: Eve]
Yo, betcha never heard of a joint so knocking
This one reach you all
Hip hop the hard rocker's
Even not anyone, hater's can't block her
I'mma take control and join this chart topper
Got no time to sit down, you just got to jump up
I need your attention, listen to me see
I'm up in the zone now
Where u all belong now
Nigga is you with me
Move your body (uh)
Nigga this is it
Feel this hotness, that i spit
On the Swizz Beatz
And it get's no sicker than this
Ya like that, nothing crazier or even exist
Dj spin it off, and watch the crowd flip (wow)

[Chorus: Mashonda]
I wanna party in the rain
(Let it rain , let it rain, let it rain)
Things will never be the same
(Things won't be the same)
I wanna party in the rain
(Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain)
Things won't be the same noooo

[Verse 2: Eve]
Uh, ayo, this thing so crazy
That it hurt ya soul
Don't know what to call it that
Call it rock n roll
All this shit sounding the same
Had to switch the pitch
Change it up ya mean
Gotta stay that bitch
How you feel, when you hear this
Wasn't prepared boy
I need the listeners on the dance floor
Go head boy
You in yo spot, play the shit loud, run around
Make ya neighbor's, call the police
C'mon go head get wild
Some of y'all against this shit
Really against this chick
This for the niggaz who love me
Go head a get bent
And if you really want people
To think you insane
Open up your door, let it pour
Party in the rain!


[Verse 3: Eve]
Uh, ayo, be careful this one here is crazy
I don't wanna scare you
Clearly i'm just tryna party
And you niggaz hear me
I ain't really never wanna let myself go
But i'mma give it now
You can't really fuck with this flow
If you just sittin down
Now is you with me, or are you bullshitting
I need to know
Messing with my concentration
With me i gotta go
I know you ready to shout it out
Yo this chick's incredible
And it's more to come from baby girl
That's if your ready though
I got alot
Slow down now i'm loosing my breath
I think I might
Move back now ready no not yet
Almost there
Swiss let's kill them
Bring it back one time
Here we go again
And party till the sunshine!


[Swizz Beatz]
(Yo we gonna do it like this)
Somebody, Everybody will y'all scream!!!!!
Oh, woo oh, woo oh, oh, dance woo, yo get ya hands up
Woo yo,okay, get ya hands in the air, double "R"
Where u from?
Double "R", double "R", yeah,woo, woo, clap
It's party time niggaz
Oh, woo, woo, let's go
Rise, rise !!!!!
Bounce, get on the floor
From the east to the west
To the north to the south

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