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Let It Be Me

The Everly Brothers

Tablatura: Versão 2 (guitarra)
tono: D
  D7        A7 
I bless the day I found you, 
Bm        F#m  
I want to stay around you, 
 G        D        A7       D 
And so I beg you, let it be me. 
 D7              A7 
Don't take this heaven from one, 
Bm          F#m   
If you must cling to someone, 
 G        D      A7        D 
Now and forever, let it be me. 
 G           F#m        G        F#m  
Each time we meet love, I find complete love, 
 G      F#m                G             A7 
Without your sweet love, what would life be. 
 D        A7     
So never leave me lonely, 
 Bm         F#m  
Tell me you love me only, 
 G                D7    A7        D 
And that youâll always, let it be me. 
       - REPEAT BRIDGE - 
    - REPEAT VERSE 3 & END -
Composição de Gilbert Bécaud / Manny Curtis / Pierre Delanoë
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