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[Intro - Joe Budden - talking]
Let me just make this statement
Loud and clear - Jersey's here
Hey, Ja, Joey
Triangle Offense do it like ... (whoa)
["what" - repeated in background]
[female voice: "yeah" - repeated]

[Verse 1 - Fabolous]
Maybe it's the dipped Jesuses
The twin Jesuses with diamonds in them, that's clear they break gooses
Maybe cause I'm in they roofless or the Hypno I put in they juices
I'm the "Joe Millionaire" of rap and one of these chicks
is gonna get picked and gonna get dicked
I'm all that and then some, y'all cats have been bums
That's pocket change, you call that an income?
Tell the way I walk that I'm doin my thing (uh huh)
A lot a niggaz talk but ain't doin a thing (uh uh)
Whatever come in the fall, I do in the spring
See I told y'all I'm doin my thing
And I'm winnin by a landslide, damn right
Don't you see the way they point at this man's ride
Now, look at here, I took it there
I'ma make this statement loud and clear - Brooklyn's here

[Chorus - Joe Budden (female voice - repeats "yeah" in background of Chorus)]
That fire, problems in the club, reach for that snub
Look dog it's on fire, that's when you turn it up
You wanna burn it up, come deal with them riders
Small one on my hip, when you hear the clip
You got to see fire, when it all hits the wire
We gonna light it on fire

[Break - Joe Budden]
We gonna do it like
We gonna do it like
(We gonna light it on fire)
Triangle Offense daddy
Cain (we gonna light it on fire)
I know you got somethin more
["yeah" - repeated]
Don't even hold

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