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24th Century

Fates Prophecy

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A few seconds could change my life
And maybe i could change the world
Death to her and life for me
But my science hold back the fate
Why can't i change the past?
Time after time i remember
The fear is out of control
I've been working hard with my pain
A new vision of my obssession
I could come back a thousand times
And see her die a thousand ways

Why can't i find the answers
Not here, not now, just in another time
I will start a new journey
I my time machine

Where do we go?
Please take me back in time
Where do we go from here?
Give me the world that i know

Now i'm diving into the future
Creatures are living across the land
One race for day, one for night
Give me the world that i know

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  • Letícia Marcelino

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