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Eyes Of Truth

Fates Prophecy

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The evil is here and walking on the land
Coming from the deep and from the space
Enslaving the bodies
And enslaving the souls
Discovering the meaning of our existence
The evil controls spirits and energy
Teaching science that comes of nowhere
Protecting the secret from the stars
Building a new empire of darkness

The truth is out there
The truth that you are afraid
The truth is out there
You know but you don't believe
The truth is out there
The truth is never clear
The truth is out there
You only see what you want to see

The evil is a part of our genetic
A virus that makes us a part of them
Experiences made with the human race
Creating for us a new strange world
The evil is finishing the colonization
They are everywhere
Inside a man
Bringing back the old questions
Where do we came from?
Where will we go?

Composición de Almeida
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Márcio Santos
  • Juliett Peixoto

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