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Soul Rock


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So if you're gonna leave me
I got a few words to say
I'm trouble in the morning
But you knew that anyway
And truth
Is you're the reason
That i wake up each day

I don't need
Anybody else
To tell me

You are my soul rock
When the tide is up
And the waves
Are crashing in on me
Soul rock
When i've had enough
Of the wreck of everything
These streets
Got an undertow
And the city is sinking
You're the only hope
I hold on to
When i'm drowning

This is for the damage
And the madness that i made
I know i can be thoughtless
But i promise that'll change
My heart may be bulletproof
But it's still gonna break

Don't say
There's anybody else
Tell me
Come on tell me


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Otros videos de esta canción
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