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Big Shrimp

Flatbush Zombies

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On my side and I'm walkin' with a limp, limp
Lotta red wine and some big shrimp
Uh, with a limp, limp
Yeah, uh, yeah
Pistol on my side and I'm walkin' with a limp, limp
I just had a lotta red wine and some big shrimp
Let me use my credit card on your baby (ching ching)
Used to sip, sip 'til my homie died of that shit
I'm really lit, lit, so I Cuban link my Cuban bitch
Blue note bitch, shit, no bitches on my wrist
Crazy talkin' dirty, pussy pu-pu-purrin' when I hit, hit
I kept on my jewelry 'cause I still don't trust this bitch, bitch
Sold my soul and bought it back for cheaper, that's a flip, flip
Ole English, Hennessy, watch me mix, mix (drink up bitch)
Roll Gelato in Fronto then dickmatize a bitch, bitch
Her legs

Composição de Flatbush Zombies
Colaboración y revision:
  • Danni Winters

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