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I Have You To Thank

Gavin Degraw

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
D         Bm         G
    Whenever I see you I need more
               A     D
And I want you to stay 'til the end
         Bm             G
One look at that smile and I'm all yours
Will you just smile at me again

D   Dmaj7/C#   Em
I have you to thank for making me so
Bm              G          A
  So hard to please because you treated me so
D   Dmaj7/C#   Bm
Good that no one else could hold your make-up
E7                      G             A

The difference I'm feeling in my heart
Is the difference of loving or not
And under the stars and moon and sun
Is the perfect becoming of one

A   Bm
       If I told you that I loved like an ace
D    Em
       Then I'd be lying 'cause I've made some mistakes
G    A
       But I'm trying with perfect faith
Em               G              D
    When I let you in,    I began to win
 Dmaj7/C#      Bm
And now I'm just all gold
Em                   G
    After all I've done,   and the road I've run
I want to thank you, I want to thank you

D            E7            G
All I can do when I think about it is thank you baby
Thank you baby
D         E7              G
All I do when I think about it is thank you baby
I just want to thank you baby
I just want to thank you
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