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Gregory Isaacs

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Rumours dem spreadin'
Claim, that a sensee me plantin'
But I-man a de Don ina de jugglin'
A pure rumours a gwaan, (rumours a gwaan)

Please mr. officer, leggo me hand
You don't know me and you don't understan'
You see me flashin' a criss rental
So you take that me a criminal

Rumours dem spreadin'...

I keep a dance jus' to nice up the place
Me buy nuff liquor and red up dem face
Mek man an' man have money to spend
And all de youth them know me a dem friend

Rumours dem spreadin'...

Don't matter what, dem nuff jewel mi wear
Caught me pants, it nuh have no tear
Shoes cost a few hundred a pair
An' me have money all through the year

Rumours dem spreadin'...

Rumours and rumours..
Whole lotta propaganda
Rumours a gwaan....
Can't stop it....

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