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Know it all...

What's that, you say you wanna drink of water
Well I been drinking this free coffee all day
I feel like something fell off and died inside of me
And I don't love anybody, bud, since turned my heart off
But my animal needs are still intact and corrupt
I knew my brain would never be enough
Listen to me buddy and come quick when I call
Damn right! They call me Mr Know It All
My car's so long I have to park it in the air
Wearing a worn out wedding dress, old T-shirt
You can suck and drive all night long
And nothing can be fixed when everything's gone wrong

You tell me you wanna relive events from your past
Go back to summer camp, first grade man some of that stuff would be a blast
I don't know can't get it, can't get go back
I ain't got time for any of that jazz coz this tape's about to roll out
Lay out, gel you stuff and visit my ditch
I got an army of monkeys that obey my every wish
Cold, polyester is what they're gonna be wearing in the future
Something like that maybe a cotton blend
I'm gonna get it cut direct from Taiwan Singapore Vietnam and Thailand
Maybe we should try this one again
My insides are numb and my feeling's are gone
Nothing can be fixed when everything's gone wrong
Straight to hell

Composição de Jon Spencer/Matt Verta-Ray
Colaboración y revision:
  • Fabio Lins

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