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Gee I Really Love You

Heavy Trash

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Baby, baby, I get a thrill
Yeah honey you know you make me feel good
I can't wait to see and you and hug you
Oh that's right, I'm ready for love
I'm so excited
You know it makes me smile

Gee, I really love you
Gee, I really do
Yes, I said I love you
I feel alright because I think you do too

Maybe I'm a little stoned
I just figured it out
Baby when I'm in your arms
I get docile just like a little child
It's hard to admit
Oh, it's tough to beat it
Animal instinct
You got to listen babe
Hey! Mr automatic baby
Hey baby, let's crash this plane

You got something special powerful
Make my alarm ring, klang
That's little females if by sound go da whoop, ding
I want you to make me, make me, I want you to make me, I want you to make me happy

Oh, don't you leave me in the middle baby
I'm gonna meet you in the middle, baby
Yes, I'm want to meet you in the middle, going all the way

Oh, one last time
All those missed kisses
I'd like to make up for all those moments now gone
Everything we missed
Everything we coulda had
Let's get it right now
'Cause I love you
And I know you love me true

You've got something special powerful
Don't you want it too?
Stop lying to your brother and a tease me
C'mon why don't you embrace what's too
It's tough to beat it
But you gotta admit
Oh, I really love you
Gee, I really do
Oh, I really love you
Gee, I really love you baby
Yes, I really do

Composição de Matt Verta-Ray
Colaboración y revision:
  • Camila

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