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Walking Bum

Heavy Trash

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Walking down the road, you know I carry such a heavy load
Tears and frustration that's all I know
Well it's been such a long time
I got broken heart and a worried mind
My back is tired and my feel are soaking wet
I wanna cry to you mama in the lonely, lonely night

Walking all alone and no direction and no way
back home (walking bum)
I sleep in the ditch and got a pillow made of stone
Nothing ever fit and I can't get a ride
And me and my baby had a terrible fight
Well It's down in the valley, up and over the hill tonight

C'mon walk, walking bum (walking bum)
C'mon walk (walking bum)
This life just ain't for me
I can't get no grounding and I need a relief
Every step is torture in this lonely street
I can't be satisfied and I will never be free
C'mon walk, walking bum (walking bum)
C'mon walk, gotta keep walking
I never stop I became a fool
Lord I love to walk, a walking bum (walking bum)
A walking bum...

Composição de Jon Spencer/Matt Verta-Ray
Colaboración y revision:
  • Fabio Lins

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