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They Were Kings

Heavy Trash

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

They were kings, baby
They were kings, baby
Rock'n'roll, baby
There were kings, baby
Everybody got to know
Everybody got to sing

I've gotta song I want to tell you about
1, 2, 3, go!

They were kings

I want rock'n'roll music don't need to be such a drag
There's a whole lot of bands that put my head in the bag
Crazy dog music that make you want to flip
*Say yes baby and put the pebbles on your hips
So good, so fine, they were living in my lifetime

Talk about the brothers trying to get right
The Gories were first, out of sight
Picking peg playing them cool
Thunderbirds, baby, ESQ
Long before the Gories washed it all down
They inspired the scene, give him the crown


Thinking some more about a band that's great
Destination rolling on out of state
6 strings of dirty tracks look out men
Cheat us burning up a Chevy Van
14 levels above you and me
And they are kings buddy

Shame you know them brothers knew just how to slap
They've got tasty spoon
From a psychedelic record shop
They even know how to sweat
At the counter of the White Castle
Yes, misunderstood genius of rock'n'roll
Wearing sideburn

*repeat (2 times)

Way out in the desert in the Arizona sun
Crazy Jesus man made their own kind of fun
Looking at the people on the highway
Shooting bows and arrows like a good old thing
Deep down south don't give a damn
I'm talking about the great Doo Rag

I heard the blues in a suspicious way
Down at the Junket that's where some of us play
Everything's homemade you should have heard them sing
Doing vacuum cleaner man they were kings
They were kings living in my lifetime


Composição de Matt Verta-Ray
Colaboración y revision:
  • Fabio Lins

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