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Well I got to tell you about something bad
When my baby's happy I'm just sad
Crazy kinda feeling not just in my head
I got a punch in my stomach and a knot in my leg
Baby wanna laugh and have a ball
But my tongue gets tired I can't think at all
Sorry baby I'ma feeling blue, I'm n, n, n, Nervous
Take my hand, speak real low
Gimmie a kiss, please let me know
Easy honey I love you so
But I'ma a nervous pretty baby and I just can't go

I can't get it done
No time for fun
Man, I ain't just bummed, I'm nervous


brbrbrbrb, owww!

oh, oh

I've been lost in the modern world
Paranoid and point straight at my girl
Got to get some help, baby that's a must
'Cos I'm n, n, n, Nervous

Red one, green one, blue and brown
Make a wrong move, never live it down
Some people find it easy to clown
But I'ma nervous pretty baby and I can't get down

I'm filled with bile
It's gonna Take a while
I'm nervous pretty baby just like a step child
Dirty looks
Evil eye
When you gonna realise that I'm nervous baby I'm about to die
Spiders and snakes
Oh for goodness sakes
I don't got what it takes,
I'ma nervous pretty baby, that's a what I am,
I'ma nervous pretty baby, that's a what I be
I'ma nervous pretty baby, I'm just n, n, n, n, n, n, n




I don't know what ta
I just don't know what to
Where to go
I don't know what to
I just don't care what ta
N, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n

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  • Fabio Lins

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